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Motorists throughout Erie know that law enforcement is extremely serious about drunk driving. Police make several arrests every day of drivers they believe to be impaired. If you are stopped and eventually charged with DUI/DWI, you need to know that there are options available to you.

At Latouf Law Firm, I, attorney Charbel G. Latouf, have extensive experience handling DUI cases. Whether this is your first offense or you have other alcohol or drug-related driving offenses on your record, I can help you protect your driving privileges.

With You Throughout Your Case

When you are charged with DUI, you need to know that there are some immediate issues you need to address right away. You have a limited amount of time to fight the suspension of your license. I can help you challenge this suspension, and can assist with other matters connected to your case, including:

  • Examining the evidence associated with your stop
  • Investigating the science of the case, including the results of blood or breath tests
  • Helping you possibly reduce the charges you are facing
  • Taking your case to trial if in your best interests

In addition to handling DUI cases concerning alcohol, I can also defend you if you have been accused of being under the influence of illegal or prescriptions drugs. Drugged DUI cases are on the rise throughout Pennsylvania, and prosecutors will be aggressive as they seek penalties in these cases.

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Do not try to defend yourself in your case, as you could find yourself facing very serious consequences if convicted. To talk to me about your case; call my office at 814-454-4555 or send me an email.