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A Strong Defense For Misdemeanor Allegations

You are making a mistake if you brush off a misdemeanor charge as “not serious” or “no big deal.” Misdemeanor convictions can have very serious consequences, such as suspended licenses, hefty court fines and jail time.

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Contesting Misdemeanors Requires Strength And Strategy

Many convictions occur because of inertia or lack of preparation – either someone chooses not to fight for their rights because they believe their case is foregone, or they do not have the skills or tools to contest them effectively.

I am a skilled advocate for clients accused of:

I take a close look at the evidence and am critical of police procedures. I also move quickly to explore your options, including those you may not know about. The result is that I am a stalwart protector of your rights who offers innovative solutions.

Keep Misdemeanors Off Your Record

As a well-known attorney with a successful case history in both misdemeanor and felony cases, you can trust me to navigate the criminal justice system on your behalf. Send me an email today.