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Protect Your Future With A Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer At Your Side

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When you are facing criminal charges, turn to Latouf Law Firm. I am 100 percent committed to building you a formidable defense.

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Defending Your Freedom

The right defense strategies can be critical in helping you avoid prison time and other major penalties.

Defending Your Reputation

I aim to minimize the impacts of your charges on your everyday life as much as possible.

Defending Your Future

I care about your goals and will do everything I can to protect the future you desire.

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Get The Strong And Effective Defense You Deserve

When criminal charges put your future and freedom on the line, protect what matters to you. Get an advocate you can count on in your corner. I am criminal lawyer Charbel Latouf. With over 20 years of experience, I am ready to defend you.

Let me help you fight criminal charges, such as DUI, assault, traffic violation, domestic violence, gun charges, and drug charges. I will carefully analyze your case to help you find the right approach to your defense. I will then vigorously pursue results for you.

Let Me Stand Up Against Aggressive Prosecutors

Prosecutors put substantial time, energy and resources toward getting convictions. You need a criminal defense attorney who will balance the scales and aggressively fight for your rights and interests. I know how to break down the prosecution’s arguments in criminal cases. I have a track record of winning for clients. You can count on me to steadfastly stand up for you both in and out of the courtroom.

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“Attorney Latouf helped me and my family in a situation that many other attorneys may not have been able to do in such a quick amount of time with the end result of making sure I was protected and the situation resolved. If you need a attorney that works in your best interest in a professional environment and strive for the best outcome for you then please take my advice you will not find another attorney who will do this. Attorney Latouf is the one.”

—Karen N.

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