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Erie Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Attorney Latouf has been helping those injured due to the negligence or accident of a professional medical provider. While there are protocols, procedures, and tools to limit accidents or wrongdoing from a medical professional, there is also professional liability insurance because doctors are human beings and therefore susceptible to mistakes. The firm has over 25 years’ experience in representing individuals and family members that are representing an individual that has had loss of life due to a missed diagnosis or medical error. Doctors have an oath to provide safe, confidential, accurate, and ethical medical treatment. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

The Latouf Law Firm always provides free consultations for those that think they may have a medical malpractice case or believe that there may have been negligence in their medical care. A client pursuing a case against their physician, doctor’s office, clinic, specialist, or hospital system, would never have an out of pocket cost for representation. It is Attorney Latouf’s duty to fight for monetary compensation for the losses (time, money, loss of use, and emotional damages) to try to make you and your family whole after a medical error in Pennsylvania.

Within the Erie Metropolitan Area, there are several firms that claim that they are personal injury attorneys. When hiring a Medical Malpractice lawyer, it is important to do your research and ensure that you are hiring a trial attorney. Medical Malpractice cases tend to be much more complicated than a standard car accident case because medical negligence claims involve insurance companies, doctors, experts, and additional specialists including economic loss professionals. With expert fees and doctors to read through the case and treatment plan, you need to make sure you have the right team to fight for you. Attorney Latouf has the experience with both medical malpractice cases and with a team of experts to support your case at trial, should it get to that point with discovery.

Missed Diagnosis Attorney in Erie County PA

While many people see a doctor regularly, another area where medical negligence can occur include missed diagnosis, especially with cancer. When scans are read incorrectly by radiologist or pathologists, incorrect treatment plans can begin and, unfortunately, if something is missed, may cause progression of the disease or a wrongful death. Once again, this is a time to call your trusted legal team to review all of your individual case details to see if you may have a cse to fight for monetary compensation.

Once the firm retains you for representation, our work starts. Our firm will:

  1. Research what originally caused the illness, injury, or what caused the missed diagnosis.
  2. Request, analyze, and create a medical chronology of all of your or your loved ones medical records
  3. Work with medical experts to provide feedback about best practices and treatment decisions and determine if there was a variance, where that variance occurred in the treatment plan, and if that particular mistake was detrimental to future health for you or your loved one.
  4. Prepare and organize all medical records and all supporting documentation from experts to prepare to file suit in Pennsylvania for Medical Malpractice
  5. Advocate on your behalf with the insurance company to create a demand letter to receive fair compensation for a settlement
  6. Provide you and your family with guidance and experience of how to work between the insurance company and your medical provider
  7. Prepare for trial, if necessary

At Latouf Law Firm, we would be honored to help you or your family member if you have been wrongfully injured, have experienced medical negligence, or experienced elevated illness or loss of use, or loss of life after receiving medical treatment. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and review your case.