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Slip-And-Fall Attorney In Erie, Pennsylvania

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen just about anywhere, from anything. Spilled liquids at a grocery store, wet floors in a factory, defective stairs in an office, potholes and cracks on the pavement and other factors are common causes of slip-and-falls. Fortunately, residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas have the Latouf Law Firm to call on to represent their case.
If your slip-and-fall happened at work and resulted in an injury, or it happened at a grocery store or other commercial business, or on your neighbor’s property, I can help you. We’ll help you prove that the property owner or business owner is legally responsible for your accident.

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With slip and falls, it’s important to eliminate someone’s carelessness from a property or business owner’s liability. We’ll work with you to prove that your slip-and-fall accident was not your fault and ensure that you get compensated for your injuries. Call me today for legal representation you can count on.